The Week Before Christmas

‘Tis the week before Christmas, our works nearly done
collecting and baling and loading ‘Our John’

One late pick-up is quickly unloaded
whatever’s that bang, my rear window’s exploded!

An hour of brushing and hoovering up
the millions of pieces in the back of my truck.

Through boxes and bags and bundles of ties
how much more of these shards will materialise?

All done – I’ll ask the cost to replace
“four twenty plus vat” was the answer I faced.

“Lets get this straight ” I said “not at that rate
and it wont be this month as my SFP’s late!”

“One more thing”  I continued  “you’re beginning to grate
I don’t think I’m old and not nearly your mate!”

So into our stores, to look through my hoard
of perspex and plastic and 4 mil stockboard.

We can do it I’m sure with some rivets and screws
a dab of some bonding – it will be good as new.

So wish us good luck and enjoy christmas cheer
and look for the truck with the Happy New Rear!