Spent Shotgun Recycling Line Expansion

Agri.cycle have recently expanded their spent shotgun cartridge processing line. The purposed built production line is the only one in the UK and as a result of increased demand for their services, the company has recently expanded the line to have the capacity to process 1.2 billion cartridges in a year. This development co-incides with the company’s expansion into the Scottish market for recycling spent shotgun cartridges.

When the expansion of the production line was announced in January on social media, the post and accompanying photograph went viral. The company have been recycling shotgun cartridges since 2008 and has seen a continued growth in this area. The production plant at Agri.cycle Head quarters also recycles farm plastic waste and has implemented a range of energy efficient practices on all the processing line as well as introducing reed beds for water purification and solar panels. The recycled plastic is then mixed with other plastics to be made into robust outdoor furniture.

Negotiations with a national haulage company has allowed the company the opportunity to now collect from Scotland, an area that they had previously found difficult to service.

Robert Moore, Managing Director said, ‘ I am very pleased that we have been able to increase the processing capacity of our shotgun cartridge processing line and our movement into the Scottish market will open up the opportunities further. This will allow us to respond further to the demand for our services.’